H.E.R. Holistic Center & Spa

Located in a scenic part of Negombo, H.E.R. Holistic Center & Spa features an exclusive Lagoon view, where nature’s goodness provides the ingredients for health and rejuvenation.

Resonating with the ambiance of Eastern wellness retreat, our spa – in Amagi Lagoon Resort – offers a unique tranquillity experience.

H.E.R Holistic Center & Spa offers treatments and services using report-based and cutting-edge equipment for maximum relaxation and healing experiences. The Center’s services include the Bio-well Check Sessions, full body relaxing massage (Swedish), trigger point therapy, hot stone massage, Aromatherapy massage, and Detox programs.Other services include Energy uplifting programs, stress release programs and the pain release program using the PFG2Z device. Visitors can benefit from the customized packages offered during seasons and the personal occasions of the visitors.

Create your most memorable spa experience with us while enjoying a serene sanctuary nestled nearby the exclusive shops and magnificent dining restaurants.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to express our expertise in holistic solutions, professionalism in providing quality services and willingness to advance by providing spiritual, mental and physical integration. keeping on the edge of services and maintaining research active and alive to Establish a beautiful well-equipped center, form a team of qualified trained professionals, provide 4 main choices of holistic packages.


Since the start of the industry of medicine, the powerful lobbying of its machine investors and leaders has been going stronger and stronger. Today it controls and manipulates legal licensing of the practice of health services (i.e. FDA, ministries of Health, etc.), schools of teachings (such as top medical schools and colleges), associations of medicine (such as American Medical Association). This has made it very difficult for any advancement of any other ways to provide health services. It has confined and controlled all practices by legal regulations to only traditional medicine and directed it to the use of medicine that it supplied by these world manufacturers.